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Facebook Dynamic Placement Ads – What you need to know

Facebook has recently come out with a new advertising feature called Facebook Dynamic Product Ads. This will help you promote relevant products to shoppers browsing your product catalogue on your website or mobile app. These ads can help you scale your business, are highly relevant and allow you to have an ‘always-on’ ad strategy that Read more about Facebook Dynamic Placement Ads – What you need to know[…]

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The 4 Custom Audiences you MUST Create to Re-Market on Facebook

Facebook can be a powerful tool when it comes to re-marketing to your existing clients. Ask your technical team to create these 4 audiences within your Facebook Advertising account so that you can successfully retarget to consumers who have interacted with your brand. 1. Upload your email list This is great for capturing everyone in Read more about The 4 Custom Audiences you MUST Create to Re-Market on Facebook[…]


What are Google Adwords Extensions?

Have you been Googling around and noticed longer looking text advertisements than usual? What you are seeing are ad extensions being displayed alongside a typical Google text ad on the search network. Using these extensions gives more information to the ‘Googler’ and (bonus!) these extensions are displayed at no additional cost. Normally we use 4 kind Read more about What are Google Adwords Extensions?[…]

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I’ve just finished my website. Now what?

I was sitting at a café with a friend recently who has had her website up for 2 years…And hasn’t touched it. While having a website is great for an online presence, it’s not going to do much for generating income if people can’t find you or don’t know you exist. When helping clients with Read more about I’ve just finished my website. Now what?[…]

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What’s the best way to spend $20 advertising my website?

I recently answered this question on Quora and thought it could be helpful to more people. The $20 budget is quite deceiving and I actually recommend a higher budget in my answer below. But this would be the best way to drive actual conversions from advertising with a limited budget. —————– If you have only a total Read more about What’s the best way to spend $20 advertising my website?[…]


Less Planning, More Implementing

‘Where would you spend an additional 10% in your marketing budget?’ That was the question recently posed to a panel of marketers for Acer, Bauer Media, Jack Daniels and David Jones at the Mumbrella360 conference. Their answers were quite common; Jack Daniels would focus on bringing the brand to life for the consumer… investing in more experiential marketing Read more about Less Planning, More Implementing[…]


Read These. Become Smarter.

When you start in the world of freelancing and contracting you’ll quite often find yourself starting on a neverending treasure hunt, digging to find inspiration and novel ideas to stimulate your thought processes for a client. The following blogs have given me the much needed confidence, inspiration and growth over the past year and I now want to Read more about Read These. Become Smarter.[…]


Keyword Research in Ten Minutes

Keyword research is very commonplace whether you’re working on a marketing campaign, product launch or preparing a new website. Just a refresh of what keyword research is: Researching the words that people will use to search for your product, website or campaign and essentially pull them in. Sounds simple enough, right? However, if you dive Read more about Keyword Research in Ten Minutes[…]