Are you struggling to use Ontraport?
Training specifically designed to help you learn the system and quickly get started with Ontraport.
Dear Ontraport User,
You’ve begun your online marketing journey and Ontraport has made it to the top of your list for marketing automation tools. Now you or your assistant needs to understand how to use it.

You’re not quite convinced that you want to jump straight into hiring a consultant to do it for you (although of course I would recommend that!). It’s not that you don’t want to hire someone, it’s that you want to understand how the system works so you know what to delegate so you can manage your team effectively.

Or perhaps you want your VA to learn the system without having to sift through thousands of support articles.

That’s why I created my Ontraport Fundamentals Course.

This is the exact course I created to train my assistants and it's a quick way to a comprehensive understanding of how Ontraport works - strategically AND technically.

This training is for you if:
You’ve purchased Ontraport and don’t know where to start
You need a strategic understanding so you can delegate and manage your team properly
You have an assistant and want them to learn the system
Don’t want to spend hours digging around the Ontraport knowledge base
What's inside the course:
Videos: Detailed video explanations of how we get started with Ontraport - from contacts, to emails to building landing pages.
Resources: Direct links to additional Ontraport training resources so you don’t have to search for them.
Worksheets: Worksheets to help you strategize what you need to get started with Ontraport.
What You'll Learn
CRM Training
Learn how to properly structure your database and organize information that's relevant to your company.
Sales Training
Learn how to automate your payments and visualise your sales efforts.
Automation Training
Learn how to use campaigns for powerful automation strategies such as automatically delivering content to those who opt-in.
Learn how to create beautiful emails and landing pages.
What's Inside
Task Training
Learn how to use task automation to deliver outstanding customer service to your clients.
Metrics + Reporting
Learn how to pull relevant and insightful metrics using the dashboard.
Learn how to use Ontraport's powerful affiliate program to increase word of mouth referrals.
BONUS: Content & campaign organization
Learn how to stay organized with your projects, keep track of all your campaigns and create a powerful content action plan.
Other people have found it useful too!
"When the RPAL Team started searching for an Ontraport consultant to help us build and expand our campaigns to increase our efficiencies, we never dreamed we would find someone like Lindsey! She’s not just a consultant – we also found an adviser, strategist and a new dedicated team member. Lindsey and her team at Smartify My Biz have created the synergy we need to grow and expand our Non-Profit Pet Food Bank."
Judy Griggs | RPal

I was very happy to finish my Ontraport Course with the help of Lindsey at The course is very helpful and a good experience to start learning Ontraport for your business. Thank you so much for supporting me all the way until I finished the course!

Sheila | Ontraport User
Stop flailing around. Get a structured and streamlined approach for using your Ontraport account.
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