A Boutique Hotel Chain Generates More Sales Using Facebook Ads

The Client

A Boutique Hotel Chain in Mexico

The Challenge


How do we increase visibility around current hotel promotions to encourage more sales (heads on beds)?


We utilized FB Ads to increase awareness and drive more traffic to the website. We sent targeted promotional offers to people who were already familiar with the brand.


Analytics + Measurement

  • Installed the correct FB pixels to understand which ads and hotel promotions were actually driving purchases.

Correct Audience Targeting

  • Once we were able to connect the website with tracking pixels, we were able to create custom audiences based on real website traffic.
  • We used different behavioral insights to create audience segments based on seasonal promotions.
  • We used retargeting segments to show ads to those who were familiar with the brand and would be more enticed to purchase.


An increase in sales around the hotel’s promotional offers, which we could directly attribute to the FB ads.