Dr. Fiona Enkelmann

High-ticket Coach
Finding Bliss, Narayani Wellness
Multi 6-figure Months

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The Client

Dr. Fi is a transformational coach with 15 years’ experience as a holistic and integrative medical doctor. She helps professional women kick stress and fatigue to the curb so they can live with purpose, shine in their careers, and reconnect with the people they love.

The Results

+3 sales staff + 2 coaches

3.5x client flow

Scaled from 5- to 6-figure months

396% revenue growth over 7 months

…while trusting her team to run the business so she can take time off to travel the world.

The Challenge

With just herself, one assistant and one coach, Dr. Fi’s previous systems were working ok.

But they were delivering content through emails and utilized different platforms with data scattered across spreadsheets.

She wanted to uplevel her business but knew intuitively that with further growth, they would start to see the cracks in what they had developed.

In order to grow into a multi-7 figure business they needed to:


Bring on a sales team


Streamline and automate enrollments and manage program participants


Uplevel the client experience of the membership site


Offer back-end programs with certain complexities

Dr. Fi was hoping to automate the repetitive, manual tasks so she could take them off her VA’s plate and create more spaciousness and ease.

She wanted to build a strong foundation that would create ease in the lives of her team and deliver an amazing client experience. But her team was struggling to develop systems on their own.

Dr. Fi went to her business community, looking for experts to help optimise her business systems. She was looking for someone she could trust. Someone with a level of excellence.

She wanted to be certain that her time, energy, and money were going to create something powerful and effective for the next 3-5 years into the future.

Dr. Fi came to Smartify My Biz and got all of that, plus a whole lot more.

The Solution

Dr. Fi first invested in Smartify’s mid-tier Elevate package for high-ticket coaches.

We eliminated many redundant tech systems, integrated the data from the webinars and sales calls into the CRM, built a membership site, and created workflows that upleveled her business with stability, growth, and a beautiful streamlined client experience.

Additionally, we built:


Integrated payments


Automations for webinar lead nurture and call bookings


Detailed program participant management dashboard


Systems to manage multiple sales and coaching staff


Custom branded membership site that houses multiple back-end programs

As a result, she’s received a great deal of client feedback and seen her business grow exponentially. After seeing the power of the core systems, she decided to go all in and upgraded to the Scale package.



“If you are looking for a team to truly invest in as a partnership – a team who you want to have on your side because they have your absolute best interest in their heart and knowing how to build out the right systems to support your vision – then I highly recommend Lindsey, Amir and the Smartify My Biz team. There is immense relief and security knowing that if anything comes up, I’ve got them on my side. It’s great to be partnered with professionals who strive for the same level of excellence as I do. I highly recommend that you reach out and have a conversation with them.”

Dr. Fiona Enkelmann
High-ticket Coach
Finding Bliss, Narayani Wellness
Multi 6-figure months