Organize Your Systems:
Jamie Shannon


Because of Ontraport’s customization options, we were able to adapt our solution to meet Jamie’s unique needs and deliver a program experience that matches Jamie’s vision of her customer’s journey.

I got to the point where I was a successful solopreneur, but I felt like I was holding my business together by a string. Getting a new client was overwhelming because I had to do 50 different things to make sure they were enrolled well. It was a lot of management. I knew I was ready to make changes and run a more organized company. I know that my dream of becoming a million dollar company is not a stretch now that I have all the systems that I need to grow comfortably. Working with Lindsey and Amir was nothing short of amazing – I’m not a tech person, so I had a google spreadsheet and that’s about as organized as it got, so my mind was completely blown by what was even possible using Ontraport. I literally take payment on a call and then everything is automatically done for me! Thank you Smartify My Biz team for setting up my beautiful well oiled machine.
Jamie Shannon

Life Coach For Teens

The Client

Jamie Shannon specializes in empowering anxious teenage girls and giving them the tools they need to thrive. She had been diligently applying the marketing and sales principles she learned from her coaching group with much success.

The Challenge

She was manually processing transactions through Paypal, sending client agreements, delivering course content by sending weekly emails to each girl with links to videos in Google Drive. Her client data was spread between physical files, an assortment of Google sheets, and various paper notebooks and post-it notes. Her task list was growing faster than her revenues, and that there was no way to continue expanding without organizing and automating her business.


Our ‘Organize’ package centralized all client and transaction information while laying the groundwork for future expansion into additional back-end courses and growing her team of enrollment coaches.

Our Organize package helped Jamie:


Automatically send client agreements and weekly course content via pre-programed emails.


Offer payment plans without worrying about who owes what. She just processes the payment on her order form, and Ontraport keeps track of the rest.


Deliver dripped access to two separate courses to two different audiences in parallel, all with a single transaction


Keep track of active, paused and graduated members in a single listview so she never loses track of customers


In Our Smartify Session, You’ll Walk Away With A Custom Toolkit That Will Scale With Your Business.