Million Dollar Coach Tech Toolkit
The Streamlined Tech Blueprint that Doubles High-Ticket Coaching Businesses in Less Than 3 Months
(even if you aren’t techy and get flustered by systems!)
How to unclog your workflow bottlenecks with automated business processes that 4X your production capacity and slash your to-do lists in half without hiring a bunch of assistants.
AND… how to do ALL of this while multiplying your transformational impact, empowering your team to flourish in their roles, and realizing the full potential of your business vision.
How all-in-one course platforms prevent you from delivering the high-touch program experiences your clients expect.
Why hiring a sales team before building a well-oiled operating machine could cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars!
How to centralize and segment all your client data to create endless opportunities to monetize your database throughout the client lifecycle.
Why stringing together a patchwork of technology is the WORST way to scale your business… and the one comprehensive solution that replaces 7 systems.
Tools That Scale Your Business Fast
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Lindsey Weissert & Amir Jafari are the leaders and Sr. Consultants of Smartify My Biz. The’ve helped high-ticket coaches across North America, Europe and Australia build the business infrastructure that scales their businesses to 6 and 7-figures per month while making a bigger transformational impact on the communities they serve.