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Leveraging marketing automation for wellness and lifestyle brands and business coaches.

Build Your Email List

Generating an email list is probably one of the most crucial parts to any business. You’re building a list of people who are interested in what YOU have to say and who can potentially become buyers. We will help you compose automated email campaigns that will work in the background to reach your consumers and drive a continuous flurry of leads to your business.

Reach More People

Unleash the power of online advertising to generate real sales leads for your business. Strategies include Google Adwords, Social Media Advertising and Organic SEO. Drive traffic to your website using an affordable budget for small businesses.

Fill Your Events

Hosting a webinar? Or how about a workshop? Focus on the content (what you’re good at) and let us drive the marketing behind it. We’ll develop a strategy that will reach the appropriate audience and generate sales.

Sell Online Products

When marketing a product online there are many things to think about – The landing page, thank you page, lead capture, email marketing, advertising… the list goes on. We have tried and tested techniques that will help simplify the whole process, from strategy and development to product launch and ultimately conversion (the most important factor).

Check out a few SEO strategies to help lift your online presence.

About Us

Blending best practices, systems and technology together to simplify and smartify your marketing.
Don't let new tools and technology stop you from creating an online presence.

Smartify My Biz was founded under the realization of the growing need of online businesses who need a simple and effective automated marketing strategy to keep leads flowing into their business.

The thought of developing an entire online marketing strategy can be daunting to small business owners.

We produce our best work with a small, lean and nimble team that is based remotely. We currently work with the majority of our clients in Australia and the USA.

Coming from a small business background, we've found that to be efficient, cost effective and productive, partnering with several other experts around the world has helped us to keep our clients happy with cost effective marketing solutions. The relationships we have built with our experts are important to us, and we are confident that our brand as well as our client's brands are in great hands.

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Your Marketing Team

Marketing systems tailored for your company. Made with love from our team members.

Lindsey Weissert

Marketing Strategist
Lindsey has been working with online businesses for over 7 years. Building a marketing funnel is a particular art and she loves the challenge of helping small business drive converting traffic to their website.

Venus Dela Salde

Admin Extraordinaire

Jonathan Weissert

Web Developer
Jonathan has been developing software for over 10 years. He enjoys solving interesting problems and helping businesses build successful products to serve their audience.


Happy clients make us happy. We strive for the best.

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