A Pet Food Bank Streamlines Communication With Members


The Client

A food bank and distribution center that provides food and other much-needed resources to pet rescue shelters at affordable prices.

In order to communicate with rescue centers efficiently, they use Ontraport to manage customer communication as well as membership to the program.

The Challenge

  1. How do we create a more efficient membership approval process?
  2. How do we ensure members receive timely emails so they don’t forget to place an order or pick up an order?
  3. How can we blend offline logistics with the online orders in a way that’s easy to manage and is efficient for the admin team filling the orders?


We created a detailed automation funnel:

  1. When a customer applies for membership, the admin team is automatically notified to review the application.
  2. Once a member is approved or denied, they’re tagged appropriately and the automation funnel begins.
  3. Each customer receives a series of automatic email reminders and SMS notifications reminding them to place their orders before the deadline for their particular city. Those who are inactive for a certain period of time will stop receiving reminders and are moved onto a different re-engagement campaign to encourage more orders.
  4. The automatic events also tag and categorize customers appropriately so the admin team can create lists of customers by city and order deadline.

Pet Food Bank Ontraport Automation


  • Increased operational efficiencies
  • Cut down admin time for the membership approval process
  • Achieved more consistent sales due to the automatic email reminders and SMS notifications


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Lindsey is an Ontraport Certified Consultant and founder of Smartify My Biz. She's a digital strategist devoted to transforming and streamlining businesses using marketing and sales automation. Her goal? More profit for your pocket plus a business that runs like a well-oiled machine.
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