Automation has become one of the most important technological inventions in the modern day. The ability to streamline the complicated process of business is crucial to the growth of a business. Today, let’s talk about the benefits of automation and how you can apply AI to your business.

Reduces Labor Cost

Automation is more effective than manual processes by a wide margin. An easy-to-miss resource is labor cost. Manual processes force users to slowly work through a task. Not only that, if there is a failure, they will have to go back and fix it themselves. There is no guarantee that you would even know where the error is.

Automation removes all of that. Tasks that once took hours to resolve can now be done in seconds. Any errors can be immediately spotted by the system, which significantly reduces the need for backtracking for a task.

In addition, automation allows for tasks to be scheduled ahead of time. You can preset tasks to be done at a certain time. This makes the overall process run much faster. This saves you millions in labor costs. The benefits are best felt for tasks such as expense management solutions and other forms of data entry. Lastly, since all of the non-essential labor is now automated, it reduces the need for more outsourcing.

Streamlines Appointment and Meetings

Automation allows for much easier schedule management. With automation’s online tools, you can have appointments set up in a matter of seconds. The system can notify you of upcoming meetings so you can prepare accordingly. Automation can be linked to your e-mail client’s calendar for further harmony. There is a lot of control with this. Automation still requires input from the user after all, but the benefit comes from the user only having to do “step 1.”

Improved Client and Customer Relationships

Automation can improve your relationship with clients and customers alike. The system does this by making client management easy and accessible. From documents to meetings, you can have it all on your screen in only a few clicks. This makes your response time much faster. One of the biggest complaints before automation was slow response times.

There was not much one could do except wait for a response. Since manual processes can only take a few requests at a time, waiting could go for a while. Now, automation can get your clients and customers to the exact representative they need. This is done through chatbots or automated phone systems.

Having the frequently asked questions as the template removes the “survey” part of an inquiry. This cuts down a lot of time and keeps the caller happy and your business running smoothly.

Fast ROI

Automation can make back its cost in a short amount of time. The savings from reduced lead times and operating costs are only half of it. It also increases the output of your business without sacrificing quality. Unlike human workers, automated tasks have much less variability. This makes the chances of an error much lower than if it were a human.

Their flexibility also makes them easy to adapt to whatever business strategy you employ. Automated tasks are constantly working 24/7. In all that time, the tasks are left unattended. This essentially makes your business run even when no human is “running” it. New projects can be introduced at the drop of a hat without much expense.

Ergonomic Workspace

Streamlining tasks means less manpower and less equipment. This makes the workspace neater and energy-consuming. This helps reduce worker stress as they no longer feel overwhelmed by tasks. Additionally, the reduction of physical resources and manpower leaves a smaller footprint on the environment.

Since most automation is designed to be compact and efficient, they are often packed into a computer as software. This can save you valuable floor space that can be used for other things.

Applying Automation to Your Coaching Business

The first thing you need to do is find yourself an expert professional. Depending on the size of your business, you may need a team of them. While automation certainly makes things easier for the end-user, installing the system is another matter entirely. You’ll need an IT professional who specializes in automation to make the process quick. Make sure to document all the steps to make future changes easier.

Afterward, you must train your employees on the new software they will be using.

When we work with you, we provide an in-depth manual of the system that is accessible to beginners. Before your employees study it, we recommend that your operations manager is the first to master it. You can’t expect to know how your business runs if you do not know what’s running it!

Then we recommend that you start phasing out old processes. Do this by department so that your employees are not immediately overwhelmed. Focus on training one team at a time until your whole company understands the automation systems in place.

We use and recommend Ontraport to automate your coaching business.

If you’re looking for help setting up the software to automate your business – book a Smartify Session.


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