Productivity + Back Office Organization

This is a round up of the best productivity apps I’ve found that organize your back office and streamline your processes.

gsuite-logoG Suite For Business

If you run a business (offline or online) and work with a team of people or freelancers, then I highly recommend G Suite. You can run your entire back office with this tool. Organize your emails, documents, and calendar all from the cloud.

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Welcome to the gold standard for project management. Trello uses the Kanban method of organization and its interface is super user friendly. You can easily collaborate with a whole team to get a project done, or just get yourself organized.


Team communication all in one place. A total collaboration hub for remote teams that keeps all of your communication in one place. Connect all of your tools with slack so you can stay on top of projects and marketing / sales campaigns.


Zoom is great for video meetings or hosting webinars. They have several packages to choose from and their free version works great if you are doing short 45 minute meetings with your team.


I prefer G Suite for organizing documents, but I LOVE Dropbox for collaborating on videos. When multiple people work on a video, you can easily mark edits on a particular timestamp. The storage on the paid version is phenomenal – you definitely won’t run out of space for all of your media files.

Acuity-logoAcuity Scheduling

Acuity is an online appointment scheduling software. Clients schedule appointments, pay, and complete intake forms online 24/7. I highly recommend this for my coaching clients and those with a physical practice (like therapists, medical doctors, lawyers).


Zapier makes you happier. Period. It connects the million apps you use every day to truly automate your workflows and make your life easier.  Think of it like the glue that holds your different products together.


This password manager is the best invention since sliced bread. You can install an app on your browser that fills in your passwords for each website, plus the app works great on your phone. Every time you create a new password, Lastpass will ask if you want them to remember it (of course you do). Is it safe? They’ve built it so no one ever has the key to your passwords, except you.

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