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This week is a short and sweet tip but it will make you love logging into your browser on your computer.

Using Momentum to personalize your dashboard

It’s a handy extension for Google Chrome browser called Momentum and it replaces a new tab with a personal dashboard featuring, to-do, weather, and daily inspiration.


The great thing is you can personalize it and create a login so you’re able to use this same browser function on multiple different users if you’re using Google Chrome.

For example, I have two different chrome users, when I want to switch browsers I’m able to still see the same dashboard.

There’s a weather feature that tells you what your weather is doing for the next week.


You can even search Google just by clicking your search here.


The great thing is that you can put in your main focus for today. So mine is ‘Film video’.


Every time I open up a new window, I will always see the to-do I need to do.

The other great thing is your to-do feature where you can see what’s coming up today and you can tick them off once you’ve finished.

today list

You can sort by different lists and you can see everything you’ve done over time.

And if you want to customize, it, you can come down to settings and customize your focus, your to-dos, and you can also add quotes and mantras.

They do have a plus version so if you upgrade, you can get countdown timers, metrics, notes and use world clocks.

My favorite feature of all is the fact that they use beautiful images, so if you love traveling like me, this is a great way to figure out the next places you’re going to go.

I hope this Tech Tip helped you this week.

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