The shock of the computer age is over. Technology reigns in businesses across the world. There is no question that the internet, social media, and our global presence plays an important role in our businesses. However, many business owners still struggle with harnessing the power of technology to utilize profitability.

Track everything

Technology has allowed us to close gaps in our companies. Programs like Clockspot help us utilize our employees fully. Clockspot allows us to track employees, invoicing, ordering, and billing. Closing gaps and making our companies more efficient gives us a great share of the market locally. But we cannot stop there.

Even the most minor players in the industry understand the impact that Google rankings have on their business. Simply put, the better your rankings, the more likely your website will be pulled up by search engines. That means more exposure to customers and more sales.

Make no mistake about it. Your competitors are struggling to maintain their rankings. They do that with good SEO tools to track their local Google Rankings. Below, we are going to share some of the most effective tools at your disposal. These tools will help you identify problem areas and help you avoid Google infractions that will cost you.


Whitespark is an industry leader. They help you track and locate where your website hits come from. This allows you to target areas that matter to you. Whitespark is effective with Google and Bing. The built-in tools allows you to access the data and focus more of your attention on your current clients and your target audience.


Bright Local takes tracking to a higher level. While it uses traditional and high-tech tracking to help your placement on the internet, it also allows you to compare your data with that of your competitors. This information gives your IT department information that will allow them to tweak your site for a larger share of the market.

Geo Ranker

Geo Ranker gives you data in real time through a “heat map” that tells you where your hits are coming from right now. It is very affordable but that is not the only asset for purchasing this tool. You can use Geo Ranker with Whitespark to generate fast and accurate reports. The combination of these two programs puts your company in a powerful position.


Authority Labs allows you to generate weekly, monthly, and annual reports on your Google Rankings and on that of your competition. You decide what information is shared and with whom. AuthorityLabs is a great tracking program for local or global Google Rankings. If you have international customers or hope to, this is a great program to invest in.

SerpSuite is a more costly tool, but it is worth its weight. Serp Suite allows you to have little hands-on skill. You simply check off boxes of predetermined fields you would like information on and it provides you with that data. It is easy and you do not have to have technical ability to use it. This is your one-stop-shop.



RankTrackr is a program that has a further reach than many others. Not only does this tool track your Google rankings, it tracks Bing, Yahoo, and even YouTube. If you using the internet heavily and you have irons in various fires, this is the tracking program for you.

As technology grows, we must keep up. It is not enough to know what your internet footprint looks like, you must know what your competitors are doing as well. You can gather the knowledge you need easily with the right tools. These tools will give you the edge you need to succeed.

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