After 5 years of working remotely, here are my 6 key takeaways.

  1. A routine is important. Find your natural rhythm and stick to it. If you’re a creative person in the morning, spend that time doing your creative work rather than having meetings and vice versa. Also, get up at the same time every day and make sure to take a lunch break!
  2. Human interaction is important. I meet my team every day, even if it’s for 10 minutes and just to say hi. This actually improves our mental and social wellbeing and reminds us that we’re here for each other, even in our personal lives. 
  3. You have more time! I have more time for myself since there’s no commute. I do my best work in a span of 3 hours a day. Then I leave 2-3 hours for meetings with clients or my team. So that leaves an extra 3 hours for creative work, upskilling or doing yoga / exercise. 
  4. Get out and network – even if it’s through Zoom! It’s easy to let this slide, but conferences, webinars and meetups are really important for your growth! You never know who you’re going to meet. Pick wisely though – don’t waste your time at a conference that is completely out of your niche.
  5. Good writing skills are crucial. The amount of miscommunication that happens on a daily basis can easily be avoided if you pause to learn a few crucial writing skills. Writing and speaking are two completely different skill sets and if you’re working remotely, you’re most like doing more of the former. My favourite tool to check everything I write (blogs, emails, presentations, etc) is Grammarly
  6. Be respectful with the interoffice chat (ie Slack) – Rather than bombard your colleague with a million messages, take a moment to gather your thoughts and write one clear and concise statement (your colleagues will thank you).

Do you have any takeaways from working remotely? Tell me in the comments below!

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