When developing a marketing campaign, it’s important to develop each channel on its own. Every approach you take will have a different focus, and you need to understand the many nuances that exist between the different segments of your market.

That said, you want to ensure you don’t succumb to tunnel vision. All channels interact with one another in some form or another and understanding these interactions can help you create better content that is even more effective at helping you do your job as a marketer. Two areas that are closely connected are email marketing and SEO, although it’s easy to overlook the relationship between the two. Email marketing can provide you with a more detailed understanding of your audience, and it can also lead to a direct improvement in some of the metrics used to determine where your content ranks on search engine results pages.

One important disclaimer is that you should be clear on the difference between the two channels. If you push too hard for SEO results from email marketing, you might lose out on some of the benefits that come with communicating directly with your audience through their inboxes. If you take too much of an email marketing approach to your SEO strategy, you may hurt your chances with search engines. Having a balanced strategy is the key.

However, if you fully understand the relationship between the two, you’ll see how it’s possible to improve SEO with mindful email marketing tactics.

Optimize Traffic for Conversions

Email marketing is a wonderful chance to speak to people directly. It’s an opportunity for you to use all the information you’ve collected on the person with whom you’re communicating to make a personal appeal to them. This kind of approach works great; people love feeling as though they’re dealing directly with a company that has their interests in mind. But it does wonders for SEO because it improves the quality of the traffic going to your website.

This is good because the better you do at converting traffic into leads and sales, the more favorably search engines such as Google, which we all know is the real target of SEO due to its dominance of the search market, will view you, leading to better rankings and more SEO traffic.

Of course, simply using email marketing does not guarantee you will drive this kind of traffic. But well-researched messaging can, and this can have a positive impact on your SEO performance.

Improve On-page Stats

This SEO benefit somewhat builds off the last in that better traffic on your site will lead to an improvement in other areas that are important to SEO, not just conversions. We are mainly referring to time on page and bounce rates.

For those who don’t know, these stats are important because Google uses time on page as a way of determining the quality and authority of content. The idea is that the longer people spend on a page, the more in-depth and relevant it must be to the topics the search engine has determined the page addresses.

The bounce rate is also important in determining relevance. In short, if people are sticking around to read your content, this is usually an indication that you’ve done a good job addressing their concerns.

Email marketing deals with these issues directly, meaning someone goes to your site already expecting their needs will be met, which causes them to stick around longer and give your content more of a chance.

Of course, it’s still essential you address these concerns with your content, as even a well-crafted email can’t save you from bad content. But an email marketing campaign that directly targets your audience’s needs and preferences can have a tremendous impact on your SEO results, improving the overall efficacy of your marketing efforts.

Build Links

No conversation about SEO results would be complete without at least a brief discussion of links. This is because the amount of links pointing to your site and its pages is perhaps the most important single factor in determining your performance with search engines.

Of course, there are a few ways to approach this. One is that you could use email as a way of marketing your content, meaning you can build campaigns designed to secure guest posting opportunities and other link opportunities with other websites. This can also help drive traffic.

Another thing you can do is use email marketing to improve internal linking. You can use email marketing to drive traffic to one page, and then by linking from that page to others on your site, you can spread the wealth and improve the link profiles of several pieces of content on your site.

Furthermore, email marketing can make these links even more impactful because people arriving at your site as a result of such sharp targeting are more likely to click on these links, meaning they will spend more time on your site and help improve the stats of more content than just that which people land on.

You can also use it to encourage people to share your content, either by posting it on their site or mentioning it on social media. We still don’t know the exact impact of social sharing statistics on SEO, but the general consensus is that more engagement is better for SEO.

Learn More About User Intent

If you’re working to improve your SEO results, you must understand the concept of user intent. This is because Google, which has risen to such prominence thanks to its ability to quickly and easily present people with the information they seek, rewards content that addresses what people want.

In general, you can figure out broad user intent by looking at the search terms you’re using to build your content. Long-tail keywords tend to be used by people who are more concerned with acquiring information about a topic, whereas terms such as “Best X for Y” are obviously used by people looking to make purchases.

But if you want to go further, you can target people who have bought another item from you, and if you get a positive response, you can infer a certain familiarity from users about your products. This will allow you to tailor your content more to these people, making it more relevant for those who come into contact with it via a search engine.

However, it’s important to remember that doing this is likely going to initiate a process of trial and error. You might not know what’s going to work right away, but this is good. Sometimes finding the winning formula is as much about finding what doesn’t work as what does. But the specifics of email marketing make it easier to go through this process, helping you better understand your audience and engage them even more.

Keep Your Content Working for You

Search engines represent too valuable a source of leads, and things are getting too competitive, to not consider how your other marketing activities are impacting your performance with search engines.

Working to create email marketing campaigns that include an understanding of how things such as email marketing can impact SEO will bolster your marketing efforts, generate more leads, and most importantly, drive an increase in sales.

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